The Spotlight Workshops

You can be your own spotlight in the entertainment industry! On select Saturday mornings at CBS Studios, we host all sorts of entertainment industry workshops for creative professionals to continue to explore their crafts and to take their entertainment careers to the next level. We bring in successful professionals as instructors so you can get the broadest and most up-to-date understanding of every aspect of the entertainment industry. In every workshop, not only will you learn important details of the industry, but you will obtain keys and strategies you immediately can put into play with your own projects and your own career.

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July 22

Hollywood Connect: A Navigation Session

Moderator: John McMillan. You can navigate Hollywood, and to show you how, we’re hosting one of our most popular workshops! We invite experienced industry pros to give you all the ideas and insights you need for a comprehensive pursuit of your entertainment career, covering a wide range of topics and giving you the rare opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

November 4

Developing Your Type & Creating Your Niche

Instructor: Mark Atteberry. The most powerful tool you have as an actor is you. Learn how to be yourself in every aspect of the business and yet thrive within the confines of this typecasting industry. Landing an agent and getting auditions starts with embracing your type and knowing how the industry sees you, but developing your unique niche is the secret to achieving your career dreams.

January 13

Legal Issues for Film Producers & Writers

Instructor: Shun Lee Fong. The start of every great movie is the script. Every movie is going to involve multiple agreements with writers, so everyone needs to understand this process and have a working knowledge of the various contracts that are used for story development. This class will cover the most common situations encountered by independent filmmakers. Learn all of this and more, and leave with sample contracts.

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Unless otherwise noted, all Spotlight Workshops are located at:
CBS Studio Center
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, California 91604