The Spotlight Workshops

You can be your own spotlight in the entertainment industry! On select Saturday mornings at CBS Studios, we host all sorts of entertainment industry workshops for creative professionals to continue to explore their crafts and to take their entertainment careers to the next level. We bring in successful professionals as instructors so you can get the broadest and most up-to-date understanding of every aspect of the entertainment industry. In every workshop, not only will you learn important details of the industry, but you will obtain keys and strategies you immediately can put into play with your own projects and your own career.

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July 22

Hollywood Connect: A Navigation Session

Moderator: John McMillan. You can navigate Hollywood, and to show you how, we’re hosting one of our most popular workshops! We invite experienced industry pros to give you all the ideas and insights you need for a comprehensive pursuit of your entertainment career, covering a wide range of topics and giving you the rare opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

July 29

Branding & Packaging Yourself for Success in Hollywood

Instructors: Jodie Bentley & Christina Shipp. Knowing your type is only part of the strategy – you also need to know your brand. But what does that really mean? Here’s the deal: whether it’s a career in commercials, TV, Film, theater, or any artistic medium – you need to name what you’re selling in order to market yourself effectively.

August 19

Film Business Plan Breakthrough

Instructor: Anne Marie Gillen. A concise, thorough, and compelling business plan is the essential document necessary to raise the funding to make your film. You must think like an investor to attract the investor. This workshop will be a step-by-step guide of all necessary sections for a winning business plan.

September 9

Understanding the Minds of Heroes & Villains

Instructor: Brian S. Chan. Every story you create is ultimately about your heroes and villains, your protagonists and antagonists. How those characters think determines their motivations, their actions, and their choices. This workshop will teach you how to understand the minds of those characters, enabling you to create full and deeply rich heroes and villains that will take your stories to the next level!

September 23

Cultivate Your Creativity

Instructor: Brian S. Chan. This class will give you all the insights and tools you need to get that breakthrough to become more creative! The workshop is designed to help develop you as a creative person in art and life by overcoming creativity blocks, cultivating inspiration to create, and growing in creativity.

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Unless otherwise noted, all Spotlight Workshops are located at:
CBS Studio Center
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, California 91604