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People want to support good projects in entertainment & the arts – projects filled with beauty, truth and redemption created for us, our families, and our culture. Given the scale of films, television, music, visual arts, and new media, you may not always know how to get involved, how to identify which artists and projects will actually make a difference so you can get behind them. That’s a problem when you want to help make change in the arts & entertainment.

The Greenlight Exchange is the solution. It’s a nonprofit fund that serves as a bridge between the community and creative artists for supporting qualified projects. Creative artists submit proposed projects, describing the scope and budget of their proposed projects. A panel of creative professionals and community leaders review the applications and designate funds to those projects that best communicate the qualities of truth, beauty and redemption. Those artists, in return, agree to give a small portion of any proceeds from that project back to The Greenlight Exchange in order to fund other artists in the future.

We’re still building the fund with moneys earmarked for future project, and so we’re not quite ready to take applications yet. But you can help build the fund by giving your tax-deductible gift now! For more information, register as an applicant or donor (or both!) below.

You can influence the arts right now. Together, we can create something good. All we have to do is give artists a green light.


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Many men have been capable of doing a wise thing, more a cunning thing,
but very few a generous thing.Alexander Pope, poet