Industry Software & Apps

There are more and more available software and apps that relate to the arts & entertainment industry. Some of them have become the industry standards, whereas others are ones to try or just have fun with in your down time. Do your homework on each to see what works best for you and your creative endeavors, and get the ones that are best for what you do. Here are some of the ones we’ve found in our hunt. (We’ve provided links to where we were able.)


Dramatica Pro
This software will help with character development and plot formation. Click here to purchase.

Dramatica Story Expert
Cast and build your characters, plot out your story, layer in themes with universal meaning, and put it all together into scenes to form a solid step outline. Click here to purchase.

Final Draft
The Final Draft software has become the industry standard for screenwriting and formatting. Click here to purchase.

Movie Magic Screenwriter
Movie Magic is another widely used screenwriting software. Click here to purchase.

A web-based application with no software to install.

A web-based application with no software to install, WriterDuet also gives options for offline writing, collaboration, and registration, as well as opportunities for writing competitions.


Celtx Script
Taking the same Celtx software and making it available on your mobile device.

Fade In
A clean, straightforward app for writing and formatting without all of the extra bells and whistles that can get in the way.

Final Draft Writer & Reader
The Final Draft software also has two apps for iPhones and iPads.

Lists for Writers
Brainstorming lists for writers based on characters, settings, plot points, and more.

A writing app for screenplays and novels, with index card support, customizable plot & character sheets, and the ability to display them next to your manuscript while you write.

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