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It all starts with the blank page. It can take a lot of courage and dedication to be a writer of any sort, and especially so in the entertainment industry, where it seems like just about everyone is working on a script of some sort. You’re a long way from Mrs. Francis’ high school English class now, but we’ve got your back. We want you to be the very best writer you can be, so we’ve provided some solid resources just for writers below. For even more writing opportunities, make sure you check out The Greenhouse’s Writers Group and our list of Recommended Books for writers. With the right tools and a firm commitment to apply the seat of your pants to the seat of your chair, you could just find yourself writing the next great American screenplay!

American Screenwriters Association
A community of screenwriters and filmmakers dedicated to helping writers hone their skills and sell their screenplays and creating a dialog between screenwriters, producers, filmmakers, actors, and industry to foster mutual success.

Organization of Black Screenwriters
A non-profit organization committed to the development and advancement of African-American writers.

The International Screenwriters’ Association
An international organization for screenwriters.

Writers Guild of America, East
A labor union composed of the thousands of writers east of the Mississippi River who write the content for television shows, movies, news programs, documentaries, animation, and new media.

Writers Guild of America, West
A labor union composed of the thousands of writers west of the Mississippi River who write the content for television shows, movies, news programs, documentaries, animation, and new media.

The Black Board
The official community blog of The Black List (see below).

The Black List
What started as a survey of development execs about their favorite unproduced screenplays has grown into a database for discovering aspiring screenwriters.

…By Ken Levine: The World As Seen By a TV Comedy Writer
The blog of Emmy-winning writer Ken Levine, who gives a great insights on television writing.

A nonprofit dedicated to developing screenwriters, offering a fellowship that includes a year-long mentorship program with Hollywood professionals.

An online and print magazine that interviews writers about the creative processes of writing for film and television.

Go Into The Story
The official screenwriting blog of The Black List.

InkTip.com is a paid service that connects producers and screenwriters.

The International Screenwriters’ Association
An informational site for screenwriters worldwide and a source for film and TV producers seeking screenwriters.

An insightful blog by screenwriter John August, who penned Go & Big Fish.

John Truby’s Screenwriting Take
Screenwriting mentor John Truby has taught his screenwriting and genre classes to thousands of students worldwide.

On Story
The Austin Film Festival’s half-hour series on the creative process for well-known movies and TV shows.

OnWriting Online
The WGA-East’s site provides a dynamic series of video webisodes interviewing creatives on the writing process.

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith
A podcast about all things related to screenwriting and the creative process.

Interviews with and articles written by working writers and filmmakers.

Scripts & Scribes
Interviews with screenwriters, producers, executives, literary agents and managers.

The Scriptwriters Network
An educational, non-profit, volunteer-driven organization created by and for writers.

TV Writer
A continuing examination of television writing, with how-to sections on every aspect, from structure and characterization to pitching and making contacts.

Virtual Pitchfest
This paid service helps writers pitch their scripts to industry pros, with a guarantee of a response.

Offering a number of tools, services, and articles for screenwriters and producers.

Writers Guild Foundation Blog
A blog featuring in-depth analysis, podcasts, interviews, scripts, articles, and more from the Writers Guild Foundation Web site.

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