Statement of Values

A Greenhouse is a culture. A culture is shaped by how we think and how we view reality. It is shaped by our relationships, by the way we value people, and by the way we relate to our own giftings. It is shaped by our belief systems. All this shapes a culture. A Greenhouse is a controlled environment of moisture, light, temperature, nutrients and pruning. This environment is maintained so that the seeds we want to grow will grow easily. That culture is what enables us to move swiftly, thoroughly, and effectively. It is where the kinds of things we want to have happen, happen naturally. How do we protect the right seeds? We create a Greenhouse – an intentional culture and environment that embodies our values. The following are the values of The Greenhouse:

In a Greenhouse, growth is the natural effect of an intentional environment, and this leads to fruit. As such, for the creative arts and entertainment industry, we are The Greenhouse.

Impossible isn’t.