The Greenhouse exists to bring artists to life. Its mission is to maximize the potential and productivity of individuals engaged in the creative arts by equipping them in all areas of life through relationships, mentoring, group discussions, and artistic projects. It seeks to engage and enhance culture locally and globally through superior artwork and entertainment. By seeking to value, serve, and equip artists and the artistic community, and by maintaining a commitment to creativity and artistic excellence, The Greenhouse provides people with the opportunity to create quality art and entertainment that explores meaning, moves emotion, sparks imagination, and enlightens the soul.

The Greenhouse Arts & Media, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and equipping of creative artists in the arts and entertainment. With an emphasis on artistic excellence, collaboration, mentoring, and community, The Greenhouse is committed to developing creative professionals who are prepared to create film, television, music, and new media that explores and displays truth and beauty and that effects change in the arts & entertainment industries and in the global culture.

The arts, entertainment, and media industries have a longstanding influence on people and the overall direction of our culture – either towards beauty, truth, and intellectual and spiritual freedom, or towards injustice, degradation, or corruption.

Art is the fruit of the artist’s heart. What an artist believes shapes what he or she creates. The projects that an artist creates are a product of his or her worldview and what he or she believes about the purpose of art and beauty as it relates to humanity and culture. And those projects ultimately play a large role in shaping our society, our culture, and our values.

As such, it’s an important responsibility for artists and other people to become involved in helping to shape the world of mainstream arts, entertainment and media by mentoring and serving other creative professionals, serving their communities, and developing a cohesive understanding of the role the arts & entertainment should play in our culture and society.