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You can be your own spotlight in the entertainment industry! On select Saturday mornings at Netflix, we host all sorts of entertainment industry workshops for creative professionals to continue to explore their crafts and to take their entertainment careers to the next level. We bring in successful professionals as instructors so you can get the broadest and most up-to-date understanding of every aspect of the entertainment industry. In every workshop, not only will you learn important details of the industry, but you will obtain keys and strategies you immediately can put into play with your own projects and your own career.

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March 2

Taxes for Creative & Entertainment Professionals

Instructor: Nathanael Roe. Missed the first session? We’re hosting the same workshop again! With the new tax laws now going into effect, there are countless changes to the existing rules—everything from revisions to tax rate structures to elimination of commonly used deductions. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the new changes and intricacies of the tax laws—and how you can use the tax laws to take control of your career.

March 16


Instructor: Ethan Ransom. Have you ever had a brilliant, compelling, emotional vision for a scene and found yourself struggling to get that vision onto the page? It’s incredibly frustrating, because you know that if you could just get the words to do what you wanted, the scene would be riveting. Award-worthy. Immortal. The kind of scene we all dream of writing… In this workshop, you’ll learn how to do it with page craft that will set your writing apart!

April 13

Professional Comedy Sketch Writing

Instructor: Mimi von Schack. Learn how the pros add humor and unique creativity to whatever comedy script or sketch they’re working on. Have a hilarious idea you want to execute? Learn the structural fuel to make your comedy ideas stand out! By the end of this workshop you’ll know how to play to the top of your audience’s intelligence by writing set-ups, jokes, and characters that are accessible, nuanced, and positive – and best of all, very, very funny.

May 11

Self-Taping Audition Solutions for Actors

Instructor: Tim Powell. Auditioning has changed. To get the part, you have to change with it. In this workshop, you will learn the new standard for auditioning for film, television, and commercials: How to record professional quality auditions and deliver them directly to agents and casting directors. Any and all working actors need to have this information, whether they are taping their own auditions or if someone else does it for them!


How to Get a Streaming Distribution Deal for Your Film

Instructor: Jason Brubaker. Finding a traditional distribution deal is increasingly challenging. This workshop will demystify the new world of online movie distribution platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Youtube, and more. Learn step-by-step instructions that will maximize your movie profits without the middle-man!


The Music Advantage: Making Your Media Stand Out

Instructors: Scott McRae & Ryan Rapsys. Filmmakers can learn to get a handle on the best practices in using music in media (films, docs, web videos, commercials, etc.) Many filmmakers find this critical piece of the media puzzle mystifying and daunting. Learn how to simplify this aspect as a content creator, with a deeper understanding of the practicalities and artistic considerations around music choices, enabling you to make your projects more impactful and successful.


Making Your Mark as a Voiceover Actor

Instructor: Kathy Grable. Ready to start standing out as a voiceover talent? Learn all the ins and outs of the voiceover acting world: the most effective ways to break down a voiceover script, how to develop your talent to stand out from the crowd, how to find voiceover jobs, and how to do the killer audition to help you book the gig! Get all the info on the resources & technology you’ll need as a professional V.O. actor. Whether you’re an experienced voiceover talent or just getting started, this workshop will help you take your career to the next level!

July 13

Hollywood Connect: A Navigation Session

Moderators: Shun Lee Fong & Raychel McKelvy. You can navigate Hollywood, and to show you how, we’re hosting one of our most popular workshops! We invite experienced industry pros to give you all the ideas and insights you need for a comprehensive pursuit of your entertainment career, covering a wide range of topics and giving you the rare opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

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